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Our programs seek to educate our students and the wider world about the nature, structure, and function of language, one of the most important defining properties of humankind. Because the study of language falls at the crossroads of several disciplines (psychology, social science, cognitive science, philosophy, literary and cultural studies, education, and computer science), it is by nature interdisciplinary, and succeeds best when it integrates a variety of perspectives.

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Recent News

hands reaching up, colored with different flags from around worldAssociate Professor Dris Soulaimani is investigating Berber historical manuscripts written in Arabic script thanks to a Fulbright in Morocco for the academic year. 

hands reaching up, colored with different flags from around worldTake Linguistics 657 (Foundations of Language Assessment) in spring on T at 4 p.m.  Develop an ability to construct and analyze language tests.

two students at storeTake Chinese 100 (Elementary Conversational Chinese) in spring on T/TH at 12:30 p.m. Learn how to speak Mandarin without worrying about the characters.  

handwritten note cardsLearn to analyze texts and talk. Enroll this spring in Linguistics 526 (Discourse Analysis). The class will meet on T/TH at 11 a.m.

outlines of talking headsAre you interested in how language is used for the social construction of reality? Enroll in LCS 300 (Language, Culture, and Society) in spring on T/TH at 2 pm.

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Important Resources

The Linguistics Student Association (LSA) introduces students to the study of language and is open to all majors.  Members have the opportunity to connect with linguistics professionals and attend events on campus.

The Linguistic Society of America asserts its collective support for Black members of our community — students, colleagues, family, friends and neighbors. 

Pending funding, tutoring is offered each semester for students enrolled in certain Linguistics courses.