ESL Composition for International Students

The Department of Linguistics and Asian/Middle Eastern Languages offers five writing courses (Linguistics 100A, 100 B, 200, 281 and 305W) designed to meet the needs of students whose first language is not English (international students, immigrants and other bilingual students). These courses are equivalent to courses offered in the Department of Rhetoric and Writing Studies.

Linguistics 100A

LING 100A is an introduction to college-level writing for first-semester English Learners. The course focuses on understanding written argument, comprehension of college-level academic texts, and integrating ideas and information from multiple text sources in formal written papers as well as accuracy of expression. The most important goal of the course is to improve your ability to read and write college-level English. 

Linguistics 100B

Linguistics 100 B focuses on the integration of academic reading and writing and on strategies for developing written arguments. It offers instruction in writing for different purposes and audiences in ways that respond to and incorporate ideas from college level reading selections. Linguistics 100 B also addresses second language issues related to grammar or vocabulary.

  • fulfills the CSU written communication requirement.
  • is equivalent to RWS 100 for students whose first language is not English.
  • meets the same lower division SDSU GE requirement as RWS 100.

Linguistics 200

Linguistics 200 focuses on the student as researcher, guiding the class through both original and text-based written research projects. The course emphasizes writing that draws from a variety of sources, including data collected by the student. Linguistics 200 continues the integration of academic reading and writing begun in Linguistics 100 B and addresses second language issues grammar and vocabulary.

  • fulfills the CSU critical thinking requirement.
  • is equivalent to RWS 200 for students whose first language is not English.
  • meets the same lower division SDSU GE requirement as RWS 200.

Linguistics 281

Linguistics 281 is designed to help students at the upper-division level achieve competency in academic writing and reading.  The course is designed to improve students' ability to plan, draft, revise, and edit essays, as well as to read and analyze complex academic texts. This course also addresses grammatical features of English relevant to the second language population.

Linguistics 305W

Linguistics 305W assists students in achieving upper division competence in their major fields of study. The focus of the course is the analysis and production of a variety of texts (and types of texts) related to each student’s discipline, both in and beyond the university setting.

  • fulfills San Diego State's Upper Division Writing Requirement for students of SOME majors.
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    IMPORTANT: Each student must consult with her or his department to determine whether Linguistics 305W is an option for the upper division writing requirement.

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