Dris Soulaimani, Ph.D.

Dris SoulaimaniAssociate Professor and Arabic Language Program Director

Dris Soulaimani is Associate Professor of Linguistics and Asian/Middle Eastern Languages. He received a PhD in Applied Linguistics from UCLA and a Master’s in Linguistics from Wayne State University. His research interests include discourse analysis, language ideologies, and language pedagogy. Dr. Soulaimani focuses on the sociolinguistic characteristics of Arabic and Amazigh/ Berber languages and the role language plays as a multimodal complex, which encompasses both structure and other social and semiotic resources. His recent publications include “Embodiment in Moroccan Arabic storytelling: Language, stance and discourse analysis (2017, Text & Talk), “Talk, voice, and gestures in reported speech: Towards an integrated approach” (2018, Discourse Studies), and “Writing in Arabic: Discourse analysis and pedagogical reflections” (2018, The Routledge Handbook of Arabic Second Language Acquisition).